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FenceCreators engine is built on the use of Comp-Line which is a fence designed and manufactured in Denmark by NTF Aalborg.


Start saving time. Today.

With Fence Creator, you can design and order your tailor made machine guarding solutions as easy as 1-2-3.

Save hours of work and spend time where it matters

Using FenceCreator, simply just upload the drawing of your production line and click on the modules you need. It is as simple as that.

Standard or custom. The choice is yours

Even though Fencecreator uses standard fence modules, Comp-Line is highly flexible in terms of customisation.

NTF creates STEP file based on your FenceCreator project

With FenceCreator you get to spend more time on designing the production line and leaverage the powerful engine of the software.


No more building machine guarding from scratch.

You are only a few simple steps away from having designed your customized machine guarding.


Upload your drawing

Design your machine guarding based on the drawing of your production line.


Place fence modules

Just click and drag and FenceCreator places the modules you need adjusted to size.


Customise your design

Switch between your drawing and a 3D model of your machine guarding. Keep tweaking until you are satisfied.


Quick quote & delivery time

Send your drawing to NTF and we will get back to you shortly with your quote and expected delivery time.


Get STEP file

Receive a detailed STEP file made by our experts with complete overview of your project.


Impress. Rejoice. Relax.

Sit back and enjoy your finished product line. It’s as simple as that.


Tried, tested & trusted.

With more than 25 years of experience in hygienic stainless steel constructions, our customers have tried, tested, and trusts our machine guarding.

Jorgensen Engineering A/S saved 100+ hours per year by using FenceCreator software in their daily routine

“When I have to design stainless steel guard, it is much easier to use FenceCreator. It works really well, and NTF-Aalborg is always helpful in checking that measurements and drawings fit. I really appreciate that”

Erik Jakobsen Jorgensen Engineering A/S

Jorgensen Engineering A/S saved 100+ hours per year by using FenceCreator software in their daily routine

“It is important for us to have flexible suppliers. It’s about trust and they have many years of experience with stainless steel solutions for the food industry and are really good at coming up with technical solution proposals.”

Tommy Bjørklund Jorgensen Engineering A/S

Send us your FenceCreator layout and we will send you a .STEP file within 24 hours

Do you have a specifically tight deadline? Let NTF Aalborg A/S help you for free. Send us your FenceCreator machine guarding layout, and we will send you a corresponding STEP file to add to your production line. We can deliver this to you in as little as 24 hours.

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Accepted file types: step, obj, gltf, Max. file size: 20 MB.

    Designed for production line experts

    Forget heavy 3D-drawings and hours of adjustment back and forth. Meet your convenient online machine guarding creator: FenceCreator. Create your machine guarding solution in a matter of minutes and experience the benefits of designing your fence online, and quick sharing with selected project managers

    Get started

    Add in standard modules

    Quickly point and click fence modules onto your project.

    Add in components easily

    Emergency switch brackets, cable trays, cutouts. Standard components are readily available in FenceCreator.

    Make it your own

    Even though it uses standard modules, all designs are different. Easy to customise.

    Make snapshots of your design

    Don’t forget the small details you are proud of. Make notes of your design within FenceCreator.

    Work anywhere, with anyone

    FenceCreator lives in the cloud, enabling you to share your project via URL and work on your project from any device.


    A modular fence made to order

    FenceCreators engine is built on the use of Comp-Line which is a fence designed and manufactured in Denmark by NTF Aalborg.

    Highly hygienic

    We combine hygienic design with great functionality in the processing of stainless steel and round steel into easy to clean and durable machine guarding.


    NTF Aalborg A/S machine guarding meets the requirements for finger, hand and arm protection.

    Certified quality

    All standard modules meet the DS / EN ISO 13857 and consist of posts, nets and doors.

    Easy to adapt

    Our stainless steel system is easy to install and adapt in height and width on-site by a single fitter.


    The most popular questions

    Find answers to the most common questions regarding FenceCreator and our machine guarding right here. Still have questions? Get in touch with us.

    Do I need software to run FenceCreator?

    No, you don’t need any specific software to run FenceCreator. However we do recommend using the following browsers for the best experience: Chrome, Firefox or Edge.

    Is FenceCreator really free?

    Yes, FenceCreator is a completely free to use drawing software built on the use of Comp-Line which is a fence designed and manufactured in Denmark by NTF-Aalborg A/S.

    What material are the fences made from?

    Comp-Line is a complete stainless steel system for machine guarding and machine guarding built with AISI 304 or 316, 1. cl. Pickled.

    Is FenceCreator only for hygienic production lines?

    FenceCreator can be used to create machine guarding for any production line, hygienic or not.

    Is the machine guarding in FenceCreator customizable?

    Yes, FenceCreator gives you many options to choose from, when designing your machine guarding. E.g. height, width and door options.

    How long is the delivery time for machine guarding?

    Machine guarding from NTF Aalborg A/S is delivered directly from stock, which makes for a speedy delivery.

    How many fitters do I need to assemble my machine guarding?

    The simple system design means that it can be assembled by just one person, thanks to the unique assembly method.

    Is the machine guarding adjustable on-site?

    Yes, Comp-line is a complete modular fence system. Each module can be adjusted in height and width. The standardised design also makes it easy to cut holes and mount switches on-site.

    Machine guarding keeps you safe!

    Comp-line hygienic machine guarding. A complete stainless steel system for machine protection and machine shielding. Modular machine guarding that meets the requirements for hygiene, safety and ease of cleaning. Easy to install and adapt on-site according to your wants and needs.


    Let’s talk

    Our team of experts is ready to advise and help you find the right solution for your project. Fill in your details and we will contact you as soon as possible or feel free to contact us directly.


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